Religion and Modernity

Major Field Requirements

  • Course Work
    • 3 advanced courses per semester for at least 2 years
      • Students should select classes in a way that prevents more than 2 major research papers in any semester
    • With modernity as the primary problematic for their coursework and research, students are asked to situate their inquiries by identifying or adopting at least 1 of the following categories:
      • Religions (e.g., Islamic, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Taoist, etc., including derivative or counter movements)
      • Methods (e.g., historical, philosophical, cultural studies, performance studies, literary studies, theological studies, political theory, etc.)
      • Issues (authority, gender, race, communications, class, poverty, etc.)
      • Locations/Cultures (e.g., the Americas, Muslim societies, various "empires," South Asian cultures, etc.)
    • All in-coming students must take a graduate course dedicated to "Religion & Modernity” in the first year of their coursework
  • Languages
    • Must demonstrate by examination, a reading knowledge of 2 languages beyond English and a language of native competence. The choice of these languages will depend on the focus of the student's work. Otherwise, students will demonstrate reading competence in French and German.
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Training
  • Preliminary Examinations
    • 4-hour major field exam. Some of the readings for this exam will be drawn from the general bibliography in Religion & Modernity
    • 3-hour dissertation-area exam
    • 3-hour internal minor exam
    • 3-hour external minor exam
    • 2-hour oral exam based on all written preliminary exams
  • Dissertation

Inside Minor Requirements

  • 2 courses