The chart below shows a full listing of Duke Graduate Program in Religion courses. Please note that some courses are not offered in all semesters.

In addition, students may be interested in classes offered by Duke's Department of Religious Studies, Center for Jewish Studies, Duke Divinity School, or the UNC Department of Religious Studies. Links to their courses are provided in the menu on the right.

Course Numbering System

500-699 Graduate courses open to advanced undergraduates
700-999 Graduate only courses (not open to undergraduates)

Number Title Codes
RELIGION 503S The Black Radical Tradition: COVID-19, #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd, and the Movement for Black Lives CCI, EI, SS
RELIGION 505S Dystopia, Speculation, and the Transhuman: Octavia Butler CCI, EI, ALP
RELIGION 511S The Fetish: The Role of Things in Spiritual, Economic, and Sexual Life CCI, EI, CZ, SS
RELIGION 519S Andalusia: Muslim, Jewish, Christian Spain CCI, ALP, CZ
RELIGION 526A Religion and Civil Society in the Arab World CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 527S Islam and Human Rights CCI, EI, R, CZ, SS
RELIGION 550 Archaeology of Palestine in Hellenistic-Roman Times CCI, STS, CZ
RELIGION 552S Live Images: Ancient and Medieval Representations of the Divine CCI, W, ALP, CZ
RELIGION 560S Reading Heidegger CCI, EI, ALP, CZ
RELIGION 564S Toleration, Freedom of Conscience, and Religious Liberty CCI, EI, R, CZ
RELIGION 580S History of Buddhist and Christian Interactions CCI, CZ
RELIGION 581S Pan-Asianism, Religion, and the State in Modern Asia CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 605S Blackness, Social Death, and the Volatile Sacred CCI, EI, ALP, CZ
RELIGION 606S Hebrew Biblical Texts
RELIGION 607 Hebrew Prose Narrative FL
RELIGION 608 Classical Hebrew Poetry FL
RELIGION 609 Rabbinic Hebrew FL
RELIGION 610 Readings in Hebrew Biblical Commentaries
RELIGION 611 Studies in Apocrypha and Pseudipigrapha CCI, CZ
RELIGION 612 Language and Literature of Dead Sea Scrolls
RELIGION 613S Introduction to Jewish Studies
RELIGION 620 Exegesis of the Hebrew Old Testament
RELIGION 630-11 Exegesis of the Greek New Testament II: The Synoptic Gospels R
RELIGION 630-12S Exegesis of Greek NT II: Hebrews
RELIGION 630-2 Exegesis of the Greek New Testament: Romans FL, CZ
RELIGION 630-6 Exegesis of the Greek New Testament: I and II Corinthians FL, CZ
RELIGION 631 Biblical Interpretation in Early Christianity EI, CZ
RELIGION 632 Origen EI, CZ
RELIGION 633 Augustine EI, CZ
RELIGION 634 Early Christian Asceticism EI, CZ
RELIGION 635S Exegesis of the Greek New Testament: John's Gospel R, ALP, CZ
RELIGION 636S Passion Narratives in Greek
RELIGION 660 Justice, Law, and Commerce in Islam EI, CZ
RELIGION 661S Human Rights in Islam CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 663 Islam and Modernism CCI
RELIGION 664 The Religion and History of Islam CCI, R, CZ
RELIGION 665S Islamic Philosophy & Mysticism (Sufi’s Approach to Philosophy) CCI, EI, CZ
RELIGION 680S Buddhist Thought and Practice CCI, EI
RELIGION 690 Special Topics in Religion
RELIGION 690S Special Topics in Religion
RELIGION 700 East Asian Studies Core Course: Fields and Methods
RELIGION 701S Elementary Syriac
RELIGION 703S Aramaic
RELIGION 704 Targumic Aramaic
RELIGION 705 Elementary Akkadian
RELIGION 706 Elementary Akkadian
RELIGION 707 Introductory Sanskrit Language and Literature I
RELIGION 708 Intermediate Sanskrit Grammar and Readings
RELIGION 709 The Septuagint
RELIGION 710S Academic Writing for Ancient Studies
RELIGION 711 Pharisaic Judaism in the First Century
RELIGION 712S Early Jewish Apocalypses: Daniel and 1 Enoch
RELIGION 713S Greek-Speaking Judaism
RELIGION 716S The Deuteronomistic History
RELIGION 717S Modern Historical Study of the Prophets
RELIGION 720S Old Testament Seminar
RELIGION 721S Old Testament Seminar
RELIGION 730S Seminar in the New Testament
RELIGION 731S Seminar in the New Testament
RELIGION 733 Living Issues in New Testament Theology
RELIGION 735 The Doctrine of the Trinity
RELIGION 741 The Old Testament in the New: New Testament Writers as Interpreters of Scriptures
RELIGION 742 The Christian Mystical Tradition in the Medieval Centuries
RELIGION 743 The Life of Paul
RELIGION 744 Pauline Theology
RELIGION 745 The Theology of Paul: Coherence and Development
RELIGION 746 The Gospel According to Saint Matthew in Recent Research
RELIGION 748S Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas
RELIGION 749S Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas
RELIGION 750S Seminar in Christian Theology
RELIGION 751 God, Freedom, and Evil
RELIGION 752S Faith and Reason
RELIGION 753 Catholic Moral Theology: Its History and Contemporary Issues
RELIGION 754 Icon Theology
RELIGION 755 Theology and Contemporary Secular Understanding of Human Nature
RELIGION 756 Happiness, Virtue, and Friendship
RELIGION 757S Seminar in Theological Ethics
RELIGION 759 Health Care in Theological Context II
RELIGION 760S Seminar in Contemporary Christian Ethics
RELIGION 762S Saying and the Unsayable: Introduction to Lyric/Literary Theory
RELIGION 767 How Blackness Thinks
RELIGION 768 Segregated Sundays: Church, Race, Class, and Caste
RELIGION 770 Islam and Its World
RELIGION 771S Islam, Medicine, and Healing
RELIGION 772S Cross-Cultural Encounters
RELIGION 773S Islam, Law, and Society
RELIGION 774S Ideology and Religion in Muslim Central Eurasia
RELIGION 775S Sociology of Religion
RELIGION 777 Gandhi's Modernity: Insights & Ironies
RELIGION 780 American Foreign Missions and Chinese Christianity
RELIGION 780 American Foreign Missions and Chinese Christianity
RELIGION 781 Protestantism and the Making of Modern China
RELIGION 782 The Next Christendom: The Rise of Christianity Outside the West
RELIGION 782 The Next Christendom: The Rise of Christianity Outside the West
RELIGION 783 Christianity's Encounter with Other Religions and Cultures: The Case of East Asia
RELIGION 786S Islam, Art, & Society
RELIGION 790 Readings in Buddhist Texts
RELIGION 791S Literary Translation: History, Theory and Practice
RELIGION 799 Special Readings in Religion
RELIGION 803S Intermediate Syriac
RELIGION 809 Selected Sanskrit Readings
RELIGION 811S Origins of Orthodoxy 380-750 C.E.
RELIGION 812 Readings in Latin Ecclesiastical Literature
RELIGION 814 The Sacraments in the Patristic and Early Medieval Period
RELIGION 815S Readings in Early Christian Literature: Greek
RELIGION 818 Pioneers in World Christianity
RELIGION 820 Women in the Medieval Church
RELIGION 830 Theology and Reform in the Later Middle Ages
RELIGION 840 Luther and the Reformation in Germany
RELIGION 841 The Radical Reformation
RELIGION 842 Calvin and the Reformed Tradition
RELIGION 843 Zwingli and the Origins of Reformed Theology
RELIGION 844 Protestants and Pictures
RELIGION 845 The English Church in the Eighteenth Century
RELIGION 846 Visual Culture of Modern Christianity
RELIGION 850S Evangelical Traditions in America
RELIGION 851 Interpretations of American Religion
RELIGION 852S Contemporary American Religion
RELIGION 853S Religious Issues in American History
RELIGION 854S The Social Organization of American Religion
RELIGION 857 American Religious Biography
RELIGION 858 Catholic Traditions in the United States
RELIGION 859 Roman Catholic Visual Piety in the Modern Era
RELIGION 865 Nineteenth-Century European Theology
RELIGION 866 Twentieth-Century European Theology
RELIGION 870S History of Religions
RELIGION 871 Readings in the History of Religion
RELIGION 872 Readings in North American Religious History
RELIGION 879S Religion and Media
RELIGION 880 Special Problems in Religion and Culture (Topics)
RELIGION 881S Jerusalem/Istanbul
RELIGION 882S Spaces, Bodies, and Narratives: Mapping Religion in Colonial India
RELIGION 883 Hebrew Narrative Art
RELIGION 884 Religion & Technology
RELIGION 885 Christian Manuscript Culture
RELIGION 886 Christian Ethics and Contemporary Culture
RELIGION 887S Introduction to Rabbinic Literature
RELIGION 888S Biblical Hebrew Advanced Prose Syntax
RELIGION 889 Religion, Restrictions, and Violence
RELIGION 890 Special Topics in Religion
RELIGION 890S Special Topics in Religion
RELIGION 895S Medieval Jewish Biblical Interpretation
RELIGION 900 African American Religion Through the Literary Imagination
RELIGION 904S Advanced Syriac
RELIGION 905S Advanced Syriac
RELIGION 910S Ethnography of Religion
RELIGION 911 Religious Material Culture in Theory and Practice
RELIGION 912S Theorizing Religion
RELIGION 913S Comparative Ritual Theory
RELIGION 914 Modernity of Religion
RELIGION 915 Readings in Theology and Language
RELIGION 916 Topics in the Study of Japanese Religions
RELIGION 918 Eschatology
RELIGION 920 Systematic Theology
RELIGION 921 Issues in Contemporary Systematic Theology in America and England
RELIGION 925S Exegesis of the Hebrew Text of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
RELIGION 930 Death and Dying in Late Antiquity
RELIGION 930S History and Theory
RELIGION 934 Synoptic Gospels in Greek
RELIGION 935 Gospel of John in Greek
RELIGION 936S Passion Narratives in Greek
RELIGION 937S Historical Jesus
RELIGION 940S Christian Theology/Western Metaphysics
RELIGION 941 Philosophical Theology I
RELIGION 942 Philosophical Theology II
RELIGION 943S Philosophy and Theology After Wittgenstein
RELIGION 944 Existentialist Thought
RELIGION 945 Philosophical Method in Religious Studies
RELIGION 946S Comparative Medieval Philosophy (Al-Farabi, Avicenna, Al-Ghazali, Averroes, Maimonides, Aquinas)
RELIGION 947S Comparative Religious Studies (Case Study of Judaism, Christianity & Islam)
RELIGION 950 Hermeneutics
RELIGION 951S Seminar on Text Criticism
RELIGION 952S Doctoral Seminar in Early Christianity
RELIGION 955 Practical Reason and Personal Identity: Explorations in Narrative
RELIGION 960 Moral Theology in the Twentieth Century
RELIGION 962 Christianity in Dialogue with Other Faiths
RELIGION 970 Ethical Method
RELIGION 996S Teaching in Religion