Islamic Studies

Major Field Requirements

  • Course Work
    • At least 3 advanced courses each semester for 2-3 years.
      • Students entering directly from an undergraduate program ordinarily will complete six semesters of course work
      • Students entering with advanced degrees, such as M.Div. or M.A. in religion ordinarily will complete four semesters of course work
    • All course work will be in doctoral seminars that result in major papers
    • Among the core courses all students are required to take are: Methodology and Pedagogy, Text and Society in Formative and Classical Islam, Hermeneutics, History and the Making of Authority in Islam, Modern Islamic Thought and Muslim Societies, and Theorizing Religion
  • Languages
    • Demonstration by course-work and written exam of proficiency in Arabic as well as one other Near Eastern, African or Asian language appropriate to the student's special interests.
    • Demonstration by written exam of competency in one modern European language, preferably French or German.
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Training
  • Preliminary Examinations
    • 4 written components:
      • General exam in Islamic thought
      • Exam in the dissertation area
      • Exam in the internal minor
      • Exam in the external minor
    • 1 oral exam that takes place after the written exam and reviews all 4 of them
  • Dissertation

Inside Minor Requirements

  • 2 courses