Funding & Resources

Competitive Funding

Currently, our program is set up to pay fellowships on a 9-month basis for the first 5 years. Summer funding is only guaranteed in summers 1 and 2 of the program. Students who no longer have guaranteed summer funding are encouraged to apply for competitive funding both internally and externally.  All students must have proof of health care, and the program is prepared to cover the cost of up to 6 years of health insurance if needed.

Funding Resources

Some important resources to help in your search for funding:

  1. Pivot (Note: You must use your Duke email in order to sign up for Pivot and access this resource.
  2. Duke Graduate School website
  3. Excavation fellowships and travel grants through American Schools of Oriental Research.
  4. Duke University Research Funding, including these grants: Institute of Current World Affairs and School for Advanced Research