New Testament

Major Field Requirements

  • Course Work
    • For students entering with a Master's degree or equivalent:
      • 3-4 courses each semester for 2 years
      • At least 6 of these must be advanced courses in New Testament
    • For students entering without a Master's degree or equivalent:
      • 3-4 courses each semester for 3 years
      • May, in the first year, include basic language courses or undergraduate/Divinity School courses
  • Languages
    • Modern:
      • Students must pass competency exams in German and French before taking their preliminary exams. Depending on interest, a reading knowledge of other languages such as modern Hebrew and Spanish may also be acquired.
    • Ancient:
      • Students are expected to have or develop good to excellent biblical Hebrew and ancient Greek, and to demonstrate competency in both languages. They may also study rabbinic Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, Coptic, Latin, and/or other languages during their doctoral years.
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Training
  • Preliminary Examinations
    • 4-hour New Testament introduction examination (history, authorship, chronology, etc.)
    • 4-hour New Testament thought/theology examination
    • 3-hour internal minor examination
    • 3-hour external minor examination
    • Oral defense
  • Dissertation
Track-specific guidelines

Inside Minor Requirements

  • 2 courses