Zexi (Jesse) Sun Prepares to Graduate

Zexi (Jesse) Sun

Our candidate for the PhD, Zexi (Jesse) Sun, will graduate this May along with two others in the Graduate Program in Religion.  Sun’s dissertation “War, Revolution and Chinese Protestant Intellectuals: A Twentieth-Century Odyssey” was advised by Dr. Xi Lian. Sun holds a B. A. with Honors from Calvin College, M.A. from Stanford University, and M.T.S. from Calvin Theological Seminary.

Sun has written and published extensively during his five short years in the program, with five peer reviewed articles, two essays, two book reviews, a book chapter and a translation under his belt. He has also given four conference presentations.

To complement his writing, Sun has also had a fair amount of teaching and research experience. His teaching has been both for graduate students in Divinity and undergraduates in Religious Studies. He was also a course instructor at GETS Theological Seminary. His research experience includes editing the Chinese translation of a book manuscript and acting as a Digital Archival Expeditions Intern at Rubenstein Library, where he devised a course module, “Living in China a Hundred Years Ago,” using archival sources.

Best wishes for success to (soon-to-be) Dr. Zexi Sun!