Robinson Slated for May Graduation

PhD Laura Robinson Defends Dissertation

Laura Robinson will be graduating with the PhD this May 2023 after successfully defending her dissertation “Mission, Jews, and Gentiles in the Gospel of Matthew” this spring, in which Professors Mark Goodacre and Joel Marcus were co-advisors. Robinson, an Indiana native, graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Arts from Indiana University, and received two master’s degrees from Wheaton College. She was awarded a J. B. Duke Fellowship for four years, an award aimed at helping attract and develop outstanding scholars at Duke.

During her time at Duke, her publications included three articles and two book reviews, and about a dozen lectures and conferences. Her service to the university and the profession includes the SDF Outreach Committee (advising high school students regarding the college experience), Duke University Libraries’ Graduate and Professional Student Advisory Board, Director of the New Testament Colloquium, and Co-host of New Testament Review Podcast and YouTube Channel.