Recent Alumni Present at Duke

Kat Burgett, Cody David, Nathan Tilley

Friday, November 3, eleven PhD and ThD students gathered to hear from recent PhD alumni to discuss vocational paths after graduation, as part of a lunchtime "Teaching and Learning" seminar entitled "Alternate Vocational Paths: Testimonials from Recent Alumni." Dr. Kat Burgett, Dr. Cody David (via Zoom), and Dr. Nate Tilley (via Zoom) discussed how their doctoral studies at Duke led them to varying careers in a congregation, in consulting, and in the academy, respectively. The group discussed the transition out of a doctoral program as well as what types of transferrable skills the PhD gives students to help them succeed in a variety of fields. For current students, talking with recent graduates of the program proves helpful in seeing the wide array of avenues in which graduates use their degrees.