Grazina Bielousova Graduating in May

image of Grazina Bielousova

Grazina Bielousova, PhD candidate in Religion, Aesthetics and Society, successfully defended her dissertation March 31, 2022.  She wrote on the topic “The Making of Savage Europe: Religious Difference and The Idea of Eastern Europe” and her committee was co-chaired by Dr. J. Kameron Carter and Dr. Joseph Winters. Her PhD from Duke University will be conferred in May, 2022. She has been awarded the Certificate in College Teaching from Duke University and the Coaching Skills for Learner-Centered Conversation from the Imperial College London.

Bielousova, who also holds a Master of Divinity from Duke Divinity School, has extensive instruction and experience in teaching. In 2020, she earned a Micromasters in Instructional Design and Technology from the University of Maryland Global Campus. She was an instructor from 2011-2016 with LCC International University, Lithuania, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in 2005. She has served as both a teaching fellow and instructor of record with Duke University.

Bielousova has presented papers at six conferences and published three articles. Her fellowships include the Bass Instructional Fellowship and the Preparing Future Faculty Fellowship, and she also participated in the Wabash Teaching Seminar for Doctoral Students. Her community service includes being Project Manager for the joint Duke-NCCU Bass Connections Project: University-assisted Community Schools. She is a contributor to various publications on topics of race, gender, religion, human rights, migration, and civic society. She is also multilingual - besides her native language of Lithuanian and her fluency in English, she is proficient in Russian and has good knowledge of German and Spanish.

We in the Graduate Program in Religion wish all the best to Dr. Grazina Bielousova!