The Long Shadow of Vatican II: Living Faith and Negotiating Authority Since the Second Vatican Council

Sam Miglarese, David Morgan and Lucas Van Rompay (editors)


University of North Carolina Press

With the Second Vatican Council (1962–65), the Roman Catholic Church for the first time took a positive stance on modernity. Its impact on the thought, worship, and actions of Catholics worldwide was enormous. Benefiting from a half century of insights gained since Vatican II ended, this volume focuses squarely on the ongoing aftermath and reinterpretation of the Council in the 21st century.

As framed by volume editors, the book's long view of the church's gradual and often contentious transition into contemporary times profiles a church and laity who seem committed to many mutual values but feel that implementation of the changes agreed to in principle at the Council is far from accomplished. The election in 2013 of the charismatic Pope Francis has added yet another dimension to the search for the meaning of Vatican II.

About the editors: Rompay is professor of religious studies; Miglarese is adjunct instructor of religious studies and education and director of community engagement; and Morgan is professor both in the departments of religious studies and art, art history and visual studies.