Recent Dissertations - Religion and Modernity

Religion and Modernity

Yael Lazar: "Networked Devotion: Hindu Adoption of Digital Media." 2018. Advisor: Leela Prasad

Alex McKinley: "Mountain at a Center of the World." 2018. Advisor: Leela Prasad

Zaid Adhami: "Faith with Doubt: American Muslims, Secularity, and the 'Crisis of Faith.'" 2017. Advisor: Leela Prasad

Eric Chalfant: Practicing Disbelief: Atheist Media in America from the Nineteenth Century to Today." 2016. Advisor: David Morgan

Jennifer Kryszak: “Imaging Church: Visual Practices, Ecclesiology, and the Ministry of Art.” 2014. Advisor: Mary McClintock Fulkerson

Joseph Tucker-Edmonds: “Wayward Christians, Wordly Scriptures: Disarticulating Christianities in the Atlantic Public Sphere.” 2013. Advisor: Mary McClintock Fulkerson