Recent Dissertations - New Testament

New Testament

Joseph Longarino, "The Weight of Mortality: Pauline Theology and the Problem of Death." 2019. Advisor: Douglas Campbell

David Smith, "Luke, the Jews, and the Politics of Early Christian Identity." 2018. Advisor: Joel Marcus

Chris Blumhofer, "The Gospel of John and the Future of Israel." 2017. Advisor: Richard Hays

Zack Phillips: "Filling Up the Word: The Fulfillment Citations in Matthew's Gospel." 2017. Advisor: Richard Hays

Doron Wilfand: "Mark, Matthew and the Tanakh: A Comparison of Tanakh References in Mark and Matthew." 2016. Advisor: Joel Marcus

Lori Baron: "The Shema in John Against its Background in Second Temple Judaism and the New Testament." 2015. Advisor: Joel Marcus

T. J. Lang: “Mystery and the Making of a Christian Historical Concsiousness: From Paul to the Second Century.” 2014. Advisor: Douglas Campbell

Jill Hicks-Keeton: “Rewritten Gentiles: Conversion to the ‘Living God’ in Ancient Judaism and Christianity.” 2014. Advisor: Joel Marcus

Kathy Dawson: “Reading Galatians As Rhetorical Parody: Paul's Reinterpretation of Scriptural Demands for Obedience to the Law and the Implications for Understanding Faithfulness and Apostasy.” 2013. Advisor: Richard B. Hays