Recent Dissertations - Early Christianity

Early Christianity

Erin Galgay Walsh: "Sanctifying Boldness: New Testament Women in Narsai, Jacob of Serugh and Romanos Melodos." 2019. Advisor and Co-chair: Lucas Van Rompay (Co-chair J. Ross Wagner)

Daniel Becerra: "Asceticism and the Other: Angels and Animals in the Egyptian Ascetic Tradition." 2019. Advisor: J. Warren Smith

Jen Benedict: "Truth to Power: The Politics of Theological Free Speech in the Cappadocian Fathers and Augustine of Hippo." 2018. Advisor: J. Warren Smith

Julie Lillis: "Virgin Territory: Configuring Female Virginity in Early Christianity." 2017. Advisor and Co-chair: Elizabeth Clark (Co-chair J. Warren Smith)

Tom McGlothlin: "Raised to Newness of Life: Resurrection and Moral Transformation in Second- and Third-Century Christian Theology." 2015. Advisor: J. Warren Smith

Maria Doerfler: "Law and Order: Monastic Formation, Episcopal Authority, and Conceptions of Justice in Late Antiquity." 2013. Advisor: Elizabeth Clark