Recent Dissertations - Christian Theological Studies

Christian Theological Studies

Matthew Elia: "Ethics in the Afterlife of Slavery: Race, Augustinian Politics, and the Enduring Problem." 2019. Advisor: J. Kameron Carter

Marvin Wickware: "Love and the Racial Enemy: Theological Possibilities of Racial Reconciliation Between Black and White US Christians." 2018. Advisor: Willie Jennings

Kara Slade: "The Fullness of Time: Christological Interventions into Scientific Modernity." 2018. Advisor: Willie Jennings

Stephanie Gehring (Ladd): "Attention to Suffering in the Work of Simone Weil and Kathe Kollwitz." 2018. Advisor: Paul Griffiths

Michelle Wolff: "Intimate Life Together: A Decolonial Theology." 2017. Advisors: Willie Jennings and J. Kameron Carter

Matthew Whelan: "The Land of the Savior: Oscar Romero and the Reform of Agriculture." 2016. Advisor: Paul Griffiths

Amy Adkins: "Virgin Territory: Theology, Purity, and the Rise of the Global Sex Trade." 2016. Advisor: Willie Jennings

Ben Dillon: "Squelching the Double Vision: Thomas Hobbes and the Problem of 'Political Theology'." 2015. Advisors: Stanley Hauerwas and Paul Griffiths

Sarah Musser: "Sacrifice, Sabbath, and the Restoration of Creation." 2015. Advisors: Ellen Davis and Stanley Hauerwas

Jessica Wong: "The Anit-Iconicity of Blackness: Theology and the Modern Racial Optic." 2015. Advisor: Willie Jennings

Michael Raburn: “Convincing the World: Pentecostal Liminality as Participation in the Mission of the Paraclete.” 2013. Advisor: Stanley Hauerwas

Sarah Sours: “Mapping Suffering: Pain, Illness, and Happiness in the Christian Tradition.” 2013. Advisor: Stanley Hauerwas

Sean Larson: "Beyond Public and Private: A Theological Transfiguration." 2013. Advisor: Paul Griffiths