Recent Dissertations - Asian Religions

Asian Religions

Yasmine Singh: "Goddess in Flux: Devotional Intimacy and Everyday Life at a Regional Indian Pilgrimage Site." 2019. Advisor: Leela Prasad

Mani Rao: "Visionary Experience of Mantra. An Ethnography in Andhra-Telangana." 2016. Advisor: Leela Prasad

Matthew Mitchell: Beyond the Convent Walls: The Local and Japan-wide Activities of Daihongan's Nuns in the Early Modern Period (c. 1550-1868)." 2016. Advisor: Richard Jaffe

​Jeff Schroeder: "After Kiyozawa: A Study of Shin Buddhist Modernization, 1890-1956." 2015. Advisor: Richard Jaffe

Uri Kaplan: "Transforming Orthodoxies: Buddhist Curriculums and Educational Institutions in Contemporary South Korea." 2015. Advisor: Richard Jaffe