Recent Dissertations - American Religion

American Religion

Brenna Keegan: "After Eden: Religion and Labor in the American West, 1868-1914." 2018. Advisor: David Morgan

Jamie Brummitt: "Protestant Relics: Religion, Objects, and the Art of Mourning in the American Republic." 2018. Advisor: David Morgan

Scott Muir: "Eruditio et Religio: A Comparative History of Religious Life on Four Campuses." 2018. Advisor: Mark Chaves

Sonia Hazard: "The Touch of the Word: Evangelical Cultures of Print in Antebellum America." 2017. Advisor: David Morgan

Andrew Coates: "The Senses of Fundamentalism: A History of the Senses in Early Twentieth-Century American Fundamentalism." 2016. Advisor: David Morgan

Adrienne Krone: American Manna: Religious Responses to the American Industrial Food System." 2016. Advisor: David Morgan

Wen Reagan: "A Beautiful Noise: A History of Contemporary Worship Music in Modern America." 2015. Advisor: Grant Wacker    

Mandy McMichael: “Religion, Miss America, and the Construction of Evangelical Womanhood.” 2014. Advisor: Grant Wacker