Mohsen Kadivar

Mohsen Kadivar

Research Professor in the Department of Religious Studies

External address: 
Room 216 Gray Building, Durham, NC 27708
Internal Office Address: 
403 Chapel Drive, 118 Gray Bldg., Box 90964, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 660-3521
Office Hours: 
Thursdays 1:15-3:15 PM or by appointment


Mohsen Kadivar is a research professor of Islamic studies at the department of Religious Studies, Duke University since 2009. He earned the certificate of Ijtihad from the theologian seminary of Qom and received a PhD of Islamic Philosophy and theology from Tarbiate Modarress University in Tehran. Kadivar has published several books in Persian and Arabic and a dozen of essays in English. His interests span both classical and modern Islamic thought with a special focus on Islamic philosophy, theology, law, ethics, Qur'anic studies, Shi'i political thought, Islam and modernity (specially democracy and human rights), religion and science, religion and politics, comparative medieval philosophy and comparative religious studies. You can find more information about Kaivar’s recent works on his website:

Education & Training

  • Ph.D., Tarbiat Modares University (Iran) 1999

Selected Grants

Islamic Theocracy in the Secular Age awarded by National Humanities Center (Principal Investigator). 2019 to 2020

wissen awarded by (Principal Investigator). 2017

A Human Rights and Islamic Law Program awarded by (Faculty Member). 2013 to 2014

Kadivar, M. Al-Hokumat al-Wila’yyai (The Government of the Guardian Jurist). Mu’sasi al-Intishar al-Arabi (Arab Diffusion Company), 2015.

Kadivar, M. Hokumate Entesabi (Appointive /Non-Elective State). self-published e-book, 2014.


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