Duke is Well Represented at AAR/SBL

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Duke is Well Represented at AAR/SBL

A number of GPR students and faculty will be presenting in the AAR/SBL to be held in Boston, MA November 18-21.  The annual conference of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature is perhaps the most important conference of the year for those in the field of Religion.  More than 1,200 events—academic sessions, additional meetings, receptions, tours, and workshops—will be offered at this annual conference.  Graduate Program in Religion students who plan to present include:

Brenna Keegan (5th year American Religion) – “Industrial Capitalism: The Collision of Catholicism and Mining in Urban Montana”

Michael Grigoni (4th year Christian Theological Studies) – “Guns, Affect and the Actant God: New Materialism and the Ethnographic Turn in Ecclesiology”

Yael Lazar (6th year Religion & Modernity) – “Shree Siddhivinayak Dot Com: Hindu Temples’ Adoption of Digital Media”

Joseph Longarino (5th year New Testament) – “The Humanity of the Risen Christ and Its Relevance for the ‘In Christ’ Motif in Paul”

Samuel Kigar (8th year Islamic Studies) – “The Walled Muslim State: Morocco’s Anti-Saharawi Berm, Muslim State Sovereignty, and the Waning of Westphalia”

Adam Booth (2nd year New Testament) – “Long Lives the King: The 4th Gospel’s Responses to Greco-Roman Suspicions Concerning Kingship”

Kara Slade (5th year Christian Theological Studies) – “Sex Robots and the Transhuman Future”

Julie Newberry (4th year New Testament) – “Paul’s Allusive Reasoning in 1 Corinthians 11:7-12”

Torang Asadi (5th year Religion & Modernity) – “Transmateriality: Iranian-American Alternative Healing Practices”

Ian Mills (3rd year New Testament) - "Another Gospel Harmony: Dura Parchment 24 and Diatessaronic Methods"

David Smith (6th year New Testament) - "A Spectacular Salvation: Selected Greek Modifications of Hebrew Isaiah and their Reception in Luke-Acts"

Laura Robinson (3rd year New Testament) - "Ambivalent Weddding Imagery in Matthew's Gospel"

Chris Blumhofer (7th year New Testament) - "Subverting Glory: John's Use of Doxa as Antilanguage"

Kenneth Olson (12th year New Testament) - "Was Pseudo-Hegesippus infuenced by Eusebius in his use of Josephus?"

Matthew Elia (5th year Christian Theological Studies) - "The Wanderer in Exile & The Fugitive Slave: Two Models of Citizenship for Augustinian Politics"

Matthew Harber (4th year Hebrew Bible/Old Testament) - "There was a man living in Babylon, and his name was loakim": Susanna as Introduction to Theodotion - Daniel" & "'I Hate the Glory of the Lawless': Royal Glory and Jewish Humiliation in Greek Esther"

Scott Muir (6th year American Religion) - "50 Summers of Love and Counting: Music Festivals and the Institutionalization of the Psychedelic Tradition"

Marvin Wickware (6th year Christian Theological Studies) - "An Inheritance of Endurance: Black Life’s Resources of Melancholic Hope and Prideful Love"

Erin Walsh (6th year Early Christianity) - "Emboldened Speech: Voices of Resistance in Syriac Poetry." She will also serve as vice-chair of the SBL student advisory board, presiding over the "Race and Ethnicity in Antiquity" section.

Jamie Brummitt (6th year American Religion) will be conducting the business meeting for the Death, Dying and Beyond Group.


In addition, a couple of students are presenting at other conferences:

Erin Zoutendam (1st year World Christianity) – “The Lover and the Psalms: Hadewijch of Antwerp’s Mystical Poetry” (Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies Conference)

Seth Ligo (year 5 Asian Studies) – “Acts that Liberate, Acting Liberated: Asceticism, Devotion, and Bhairava” (Annual Conference on South Asia)