Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

Major Field Requirements

  • Course Work
    • 16 courses prior to Preliminary Exams
    • Efforts will be made to assure that a student has no more than 2 major papers in a single semester
    • Students are advised to take at least 1 course in each of the three parts of the Tanakh
  • Languages
    • Modern:
      • Students are expected to pass competency exams in German plus one of the following: French, Spanish, Italian, modern Hebrew
    • Ancient:
      • Biblical Hebrew, LXX Greek, Aramaic, and such other languages as are appropriate to the student's special interests. The Biblical Hebrew requirement will be met by written examination that measures competence in reading printed texts along with critical apparatuses. LXX and Aramaic competence will normally be met by course work.
  • Responsible Conduct of Research Training
  • Preliminary Examinations
    • 6-hour general test that will examine competence for teaching Tanakh and for speaking knowledgeably about the field as a whole
    • 3-hour examination on topics—current issues in biblical studies
    • 3-hour examination on dissertation area
    • 3-hour examination on minor area
    • Oral defense
  • Dissertation

Inside Minor Requirements

  • Language
    • 1 year of Hebrew
  • 1-2 courses, depending on if the student takes additional Hebrew